Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today is a good day.

Today is a good day for me.

Which brings me to believe, with there being as many people on this Earth as it is, today is all sorts of different days for all sorts of different people. And everyday is a good day for someone.

Today is a good day for me, it is confirmed, my parents are currently thousands of miles above the ground on their journey to the Philippines, with 7 others. The day fills me with excitement.

But I wonder... what does this day fill others with. Maybe somewhere today someone's life is filled with tears as they learn of the loss of a loved one. What about the parent in the US that is wondering where their child is amidst the wreckage left behind by a tornado?

What about the heart that is full of bittersweet emotions as a wife awaits the return of her husband deployed overseas? One day closer to being reunited with her love, but still months away.

What about the heart that is unable to breathe, after being informed that they have only months left on this earth due to a silent deadly disease?

What about the mother somewhere in this world that is giving up her baby for adoption today so that it can have a chance to live?

What about the little boy I held in my arms this morning showing him pictures of a family that loves him and is coming for him?

There are so many hearts in this world and so much pain and happiness, both to be experienced in this world.

In every circumstance, the correct response is always worship.

Today is a good day for me, filled with upcoming happiness. It's easy to be thankful today. It's harder when I'm sitting in a camp full of strangers, and I get the news that another precious little one has gone to be with Jesus. But.. the reaction is the same. I must as a Christian worship Him who brings all things.

Today is a good day!

~ To God Be the Glory!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I wonder...

Every time I look into my precious little girl's face, I see God. I see the way He rescued her. How He delivered her into the hands of Ate C. How He saved her very life.
I see the miracle that she is to be running and laughing with that sweet voice t
hat is the sweetest music to my ears.

I remember praying so very fervently for her one remaining sibling, after 2 unnecessary deaths, I prayed that a third and final sibling would not follow suit.

Now... I see a similar miracle in his eyes. One of my most recent treasures. I see the same hand of the same Mighty Sovereign Creator Savior that I serve in his life.

But that's not the only similarity.

I see the similar sweet smile.

I hear that similar sweet laughter.

I note the similarity in his precious voice.

Reason would say there's no way they can know. No way they can remember... but how is it, that they are drawn to each other.

No I don't believe they fully grasp, but I do believe there is something there. Something that draws them to each other.

I wonder... does he remember that starving little baby that was taken away from his house nearly 2 years ago?
I wonder... does she ever think about that kuya she used to know so long ago?

I wonder... does she know this isn't the first time she has seen 'her new friend'?

But for now.. my mind wonders and I leave it at simply that. The wonderings are not important right now. Right now is the time for hugs that hold him tight, for kisses that have healing power over 'ow-ies'; now is the time for a little one to finally know what it means to be safe, to be fed, to be cared for; now is the time for the words 'I love you' to be heard for the first time by precious ears.

Now is the time to do what God has called me to do, and love, love with all my heart, love this little one who has never known it before, love as He loved me.

~ To God Be the Glory!

Though this little one is out of physical danger, we ask for your continued prayers as healing for all this little one has been through will quite possibly take years. They are safe and fed, but there is still much our little one carries on the inside, that only the love of Christ can heal.