Monday, August 25, 2008

Life These Days...

So life around our house has been crazy lately. With Mom home and having Dad home on Saturdays, we're making alot of progress doing our summer "spring cleaning". Also we're about to embark on painting rooms and such, while I start school later today. We definately have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us!

Our lives seem to be reverting back to the way they were when me and Brandon were growing up. At the end of the month, my brother is once again moving back home. Also starting next weekend, the four of us all have Louisville football season tickets, just like we did when were little. And also, this is the first time in years, that me and Bub have both been in school at the same time.

I realize that we are starting a definate new chapter in our lives and am looking foward to the plans that God has in store for us!