Friday, September 24, 2010

Simply a Child of God... listening to her Father.

When I was 8 years old, I came to my Daddio with lots of questions and after he explained everything about how we all sin, but Jesus came and lived a perfect life and gave his life on the cross to pay for our sin, so that we can have a forever relationship with God, and showed me many bible verses, I accepted Christ as my Savior and LORD. When I was 13, I felt God calling me to my first mission trip to Venezuela. At the age of 14, I was on my way home from my 2nd trip to Venezuela, when I knew the LORD was calling me to a life of missions, that one day he would call me to full-time missions. Over the years, I've thought and dreamed...where will it be? Where will God send me?

Manila, Philippines was the farthest place from my mind. I never had a specific image or place, for a time I assumed it would be Venezuela, since that was all that I knew. Growing up in the country, I definately didn't expect to eventually be living in a HUGE city...

But, here I am years later after that plane ride at the age of 14, and now my prayers and wonderings are finally answered. Quezon City, Manila, Philippines is it. I have prayed through every step regarding the Philippines, since I first knew God was planning something, when I first started looking at possible International Mission Board (IMB) projects. I felt the LORD's confirmation as soon as I started praying. God has been so gracious and so faithful to answer my continual prayer of LORD, please just continue to confirm this in me. Please reconfirm this plan. LORD, it's not that I'm hesitant to do Your will, but I want to be totally sure that it is from You and not of my own wanting. I keep praying this prayer...and you'd think eventually I would just... stop. But I don't... even as He is continuing to confirm His decision.

So, as of now, I will be returning to the Philippines mid-October. For how long?? (As the question always goes) ... let's just say this... I currently have no return date in mind. Of course I would like to come back to the USA and visit my dear family and friends as God permits, but I don't have any intention of living in the USA until God intervenes and changes my direction again... which could easily be in a couple years, and if that would be His plan.. then I will go where He calls.

For those of you that know me or regularly check my blog for updates and are constantly in prayer on my behalf, I thank you so much! The LORD has truly blessed me beyond reason with the enormous amount of encouragement I've recieved. I believe more now than ever in the power of prayer to our Sovereign LORD, and I know that the LORD heard your prayers and there were many times that the LORD came to my rescue and turned circumstances around so quickly it nearly made me dizzy just watching Him work.

As excited as I am to be taking this step in my life, there are certainly some aspects to this decision that are heartbreaking to me and my family; but it is in those moments when we will be forced to our knees, in those moments when the LORD WILL BE our Comforter, our Strong Tower. He is always faithful, even when we have our days of doubt, HE WILL be with us; even on the days it seems all we want to do is cry, HE WILL be with us; even on the days where it seems our world is falling apart around us; HE WILL BE WITH US...and for that and in the midst of all situations, we will worship Him and trust in His Sovereign wisdom and plan.

~ To God Be the Glory!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hmm... that's odd..

Hey ya'll.. Sorry about the inconvenience.. but apparently the music player on my blog is experiencing some technical difficulties. My first song is supposed to be "Set the World on Fire" by Britt Nicole, but something entirely different has been playing lately.. so I'm not exactly sure what is going on... but I'm hoping it gets straightened out soon! Thanks!


So, I'm State-side now, and while its been wonderful, oh so wonderful to be spending time with my Momma, Daddio, Bub, 2 best friends, and all my other wonderful friends and family... I can't help but miss the kids at GH. I miss the monsters running around like...well ... montsters. I miss the big kids acting crazy. I miss walking into the nursery seeing all those precious babies. I miss my toddlers and all of their crazy silliness and seeing them making their precious funny faces! But even from this side of the world, I thought I would still update my blog and continue the series of letting everyone get to know some of the kids I worked with everyday.

Today is ... RAMMY!!!

Rammy has been at GH for a couple years now, I first met this precious little boy in June 2009, on my first trip to the Philippines. When I first met him, Rammy didn't speak, didn't walk, and didn't really like interacting with the other kids that much at all..

but today Rammy is turning into a different child. He walks around... wobbly still... but he's walking everywhere, curious as any 3 year old and is playing more and more with the other kids! Rammy does have some mental delays, he has been diagnosed with cerebral palsey.

Rammy is such a sweetheart ( I know I say that about all of my toddlers,... but they all really are... I highly doubt sweeter kids exist anywhere else.... hehe!) Rammy is becoming so increasingly affectionate and is starting to 'jibber-jabber' more and more...which I love to listen to. He has a certain doll that he loves to carry around and care for and will often bring the doll to me so that I can 'baby-sit' while he goes and plays with other toys... so precious!!

As precious as he is today, its hard to believe his heartbreaking past... you see, Rammy was born 'different'. So, for that reason, he was unwanted here, abandoned at birth left in the hospital under the care of doctors and nurses that likewise didn't want to take care of an 'unwanted child'. Then... GH took over. At GH he recieved love, care and attention. The caregivers have really tried to work with Rammy to get him walking, and interacting with the other kids and if the pics above don't show you how happy of a boy he is now then the pic below surely will! I am constantly amazed at the backgrounds of some of these children and how cruel people can be... and I know...that is why the LORD has placed that specific calling upon my life, the same calling that was/is on Ate C's heart when she rescued Rammy, along with the nearly 40 other children at GH. The passionate heart for the abandoned, the neglected, the abused... for the orphan, for the heart of God.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for Rammy and for saving his precious life, when so many people around him gave up on his life so early on! I thank You for keeping him and sustaining him, now and especially during those first months in the hospital, when no one else cared, You cared for Him, You were his Comfort and Protector. I thank You for Gentle Hands, for Ate C's heart of compassion for Rammy and the many other little ones that You, and You alone, have placed at Gentle Hands! I pray that You would continue to watch over this little one and I pray for his future Forever Family! I pray that You would join them together and that Rammy would know the love that You have for him and how You provided for him! I thank You LORD again.. I thank You for his life!

~ To God Be the Glory!