Monday, September 17, 2012

Eyes not our own..

A piece of wood is laid out.. a bridge, to allow us to cross yet another area, that is so soppy that a small black pond has started form.  I think I finally have it down, I've been crossing bridges like these, in this community for 3 years now.

"Ate Brittany!!!!" a happy little voice yells and my head goes up and my balance nearly goes with it.  I smile but turn my head back down, and focusing on the task at hand I cross.

Even with the bridges, on the ride home, I look down at my feet and see the mud and muck, the black on my fair skin.  And, in that moment I'm thankful.

I think life can be alot like a walk through my beloved village.  Life can be messy.  It can be full of muck and yucky stuff.  But if you look closely, if you look through eyes not your own, through His eyes, you will see absolute awe-inspiring beauty in the midst of yuck.

Sometimes we come to hard times, when it seems all we want to do is get through, and right when we think we've really lost it and are about to go face first in the muck, sometimes there can be a change.  If we let Him take control, He is faithful to steady us; if we give ourselves and our mindset over to Him and see through His eyes, He is faithful to shift our gaze and refocus our attention on what HE is putting before us.

This world is dark and hard.  If we look through the eyes of this world, through eyes of darkness, how can we expect to see light?

We have to intentionally look through eyes that are not our own natural eyes.

But... when we do... oh the hidden beauty we will see.... the joy we will uncover...

~ To God Be the Glory!

(Thanks to Tasha Danecki Photography for the pics)