Thursday, August 12, 2010

The faces I LOVE...

~ To God Be the Glory!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wow What a Week...Shewwee!

So... this post is going to be slightly different than those of mine in the past...I'm going to update everyone using the facebook conversation between me and my sweet Momma!! I had so much to tell her about and update everyone about... that I just haven't found the energy to tell anyone else... I've simply copied and pasted this conversation in about 4 different emails and now to my blog. Enjoy reading about my crazy hectic week.. and I must say that this isn't even all of it, there were some happenings that I'm just not at liberty to share, but here are the details that I'm able to share.. Enjoy.. I hope you get a few laughs out of them..I did. (It gets to the point you either laugh or cry... I choose laugh ... most days.)

B - Hey momma!
M - hey sweetie!!!
how are you?
B -I'm good.. grinning from ear to ear cuz the first thing i see as soon as i open facebook is your status at the very top
M - hahah...that's what I"m doing right now, too!!! as soon as i heard the 'pop' and saw your name !!! and, too, while i was posting my status!!! :)
B - oh my momma... it has been a crazy past 2 days...
hang on.. let me read 2 emails and then i'll start the whole story
or stories
M - ok
B - ok so...
M - ok...
i'm listening!!!
B - lets go back to monday... i spent the whole day preparing for L (a girl who is coming to work at GH for several months) to get here... well.. we go to the airport... and we show up early... flight gets in at 10:10, and we get there like before 9... so we wait... and then it gets to 10 and we go to the place where the ppl come out.. and we wait... and wait ... and wait.. 1 hour after her flight should arrive.. no lacey
2 hours... no lacey...
so at 1 am.. we decide she's not coming out... we don't know what else to do but go home
i'm SO SO SO TIRED... remember mon-wed. i have to get up at 4:45 am to get the kids ready for school and am on duty those days...
we couldn't figure out y she wasn't there.. ate kept telling me she got in on aug 2, and i had asked lacey what time her flight came in at and which airport... .. but still no lacey
so i get home and go check my fbook to see the message.... thats when i read lacey's message clearly... 'I get in tuesday night at 10:10 pm'
do u see the problem there????
M - yep, you went on monday
B - yep! exactly, i tell teody and louie and nico who went with me... well we have to go again tomorrow night
M - hmm, bet they liked that one?
B - so i go to my room and am ready to CRASH its like 1:30 1:45 .. something like that now... ugh.. i have to get up in less than 3 hours.. i'm in bed... when.. crap i have to use the cr... sigh..ok.. up and out of my bed again (i'm on the top bunk)
so i climb down and am using cr drowsily when i turn around to go for the toilet paper... there is cockroach behind me.. now staring me in the eyes since i'm turned around... oh brother!
M - haha..were you awake then? hahahah
B - anyway.. so i'm like... crap.. i can't actually go and rest soundly knowing there is a cockroach out and about right here.. when my bed is right outside the cr.. (there is a cr in our room)
so.. i wait.. but he's like inside the toilet paper roll now
M - ugh
B - so.. i nudge the roll... trying to get him to come out.. and so i can hit him with the flipflop i've attained when he's not on the toilet paper roll... cuz i don't know about you.. but i do not want to be using toilet paper that has cockroach guts all over it...sorry but no thanks.. so i'm really trying to salvage the tp...
M - yep, i understand!!!
B - so i keep nudging it.. and each time he comes up.. peaks his head out.. looks at me and then goes back finally i'm like... its nearly 2 am.. screw the tp.. we can get more in the morning ... so i hit it the next time he come up.. but he gets away by going around to the back of the toilet... well nuts.. now the stubborn momma part in me comes out.. i started it, now i have to finish it (kinda like i have to finish what i start when the toddlers throw tantrums... gotta stick with it and not give in)
so i see him... he's behind the toilet down by the piping of the toilet, and he's on the wall... so i'm ok.. lets get this over with.. i aim and go in for it...
M - AND????
B - ... when the edge of the flipflop i have barely BARELY touches the piping... the piping busts, like comes complete off the fixture that is hooked to the water....
like a fountain on full blast
M - you're flooding the bathroom, but yet worried about the roach???
B - so.. i have to ignore the water going crazy spraying everywhere.. and i have to find and kill the cockroach ... the cockroach makes a quick run for it.. and i smash him.. dead.. now i have to go fix the water going EVERYWHERE
spraying.. no SHOOTING out ... so i'm trying to fix it... getting soaked in the process, when i realize.. crap .. it didn't come unscrewed or anything... it BROKE.. no quick fix.. no putting it back.. so i try to turn the thing to turn the water off to the toilet... nothing.. won't budge..
so now i'm thinking crap.. i'm gonna have to go wake up nico and louie and get them to help.. so i turn to go out..
when i spot this little nob under the sink.. like its just a nob sticking out in the randomest of places.. nothing around it.. so i decide to turn it...
turns out.. it shuts off the water!!!
M - YAY!!!
B - so.. i was ok.. i got the fountain to stop!!! YAY!!! GO MEE!!!.. at PAST 2 AM...
then i realize, i have to get up before jouvelin (my roommate) .. so i have to make her a note saying don't use the CR.. its broke
M - haha...ya know...this really sounds like a story plot for the ...I LOVE LUCY SHOW
B - so.. then tuesday happens... this is another story
... i'm watching the kids.. and jr tells me he has to poop!!!
B - well JR has cerebral palsey and can't go to the CR by himself., he's actually been wearing diapers for the longest time.. but he can tell us when he has to go.. so there NO point in it... so now he tells us and I take him
but this is slightly new..
M - oh nooooooo!!!!
B - so we are in the cr.. i'm holding him up on hte seat and he starts singing a song (this little boy is HILARIOUS!! an absolute sweetheart of a joy to be around) but ... he is a boy... so this is his song...
...and i'm trying to keep my composure here.. since I am holding him while he is doing all this pooping after all
M - hahahahha...that is priceless!!!
B - and i say 'yes jr.. you did go poop and you did such a good job!! Good job JR!!'
he goes and slightly sings... "GOOD JOB FOR ME!! GOOD JOB FOR YOU!!"
i said yes.. we both did a good job! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
M - hahah
B - so.. thats my story for that day...
then... tuesday night comes
M - oh yea, back to the airport...right?
B - we r about to go get lacey but this time.. instead of just me, nico, louie and teody.. Kuya Jerome, William (patrick's dad who's helping with the construction of our new building), kuya Jing, Emil, Amboy... and i think thats it
so many ppl come.. good news is .. she arrives and is there...
M - wow.... a party yeah!!
B - so today is her first day here...
now lets start on the stories of today....
M - uh-oh!
B - it starts off at 4:45 for me .. again.. (didn't get into bed till after midnight nearly 1 am i think) my first thoughts on waking are ... SLEEP!!!! lol
well i walk downstairs and normally I go in check on them make sure no major issues and then wait about 5 minutes before getting the school girls up .. then the school boys up and i try and let the others sleep as long as possible.. the more sleep the better i think.. since i can't really watch them when they r up if i'm still getting the school kids ready... well i walk in the room and ALL THE NON-SCHOOL KIDS R WIDE AWAKE!!!! staring at me, like they've been up for a while...
i went Hoy! y r u awake? its still like a copule minutes BEFORE 5 AM...
they just stare... so i'm like.. ugh.. go back to sleep.. but i know its no use.. they are up
so i go to wake the school kids up.. and they wake up so easily.. so.. they weren't actually sleeping either (normally.. they r tough to wake up.. not today)
so i texted ate.. THEY R ALL AWAKE! ah...i'm not ready for this day..
so.. since they r awake.. naturally.. they soon start to bicker a little.. and then.. i hear it..
"ATE BRITTANY!! come here .. the water won't stop!!!"
I run in there and sure enough the faucet just doesn't work anymore.. you turn it to turn the water off.. and the water is still goin full blast...
so again.. not really sure what to do.. but getting wet in the process since the full blast stream is splashing everywhere
I run in there and sure enough the faucet just doesn't work anymore.. you turn it to turn the water off.. and the water is still goin full blast...
so again.. not really sure what to do.. but getting wet in the process since the full blast stream is splashing everywhere
then i remembered something.. i yanked the garbage can in the corner out of the way... well where it was almsot floating now lol.. and there was the random little nob all by itself.. i started turning and had to shut the water off
but this time.. i still have several kids who still have to bathe, they use a big garbage can size bucket to put the water in and they have a dipper to pour it over them with..but... now i have to keep going in there and turning the water on and then shutting it back off .. over and over and over
and every batch of kids do the same thing.. they try the faucet .. then they freak out.. ATE BRITTANY WALA TUBIG WALA TUBIG (NO WATER NO WATER) ...sigh
so i tell Ateabout all of it,.. she knew from tuesday about my cr now another one.. its ok tho.. she says the plumber is coming today
great!.. i think... quick fix.
well.. the plumber gets there and jing goes with him to our cr and i assume they start working, lacey comes down to visit with the kids and the kids want to go to the 3rd floor.. ate is working on the 1st floor but says we can take them up, she's up and down between 1st and 3rd floor
so we go up stairs
then L has to take the boys to get haircuts..then i'm goin to go pick up kids from school...
well we've been upstairs for a while now.. when i go downstairs.. angel and cherrylyn are a little ahead of me and glenda coming down.. when angel comes running Ate Brittany WATER WATER.. lots of WATER
oh crap.. so i take off running.. sure enough someone has turned the water on... and it is coming out full blast.. and water is everywhere.. flooding out into the bedrooms
boys bedroom - cr - girls room
thats how the layout is...
so i turn it off .. thinking how in the world..
cuz nobody wouldve been down there the kids were all with us upstairs...then I remember
kim uses the cr there... and she saw me shut the water off today earlier
UGH... so i just start cleaning it up .. thinking how i'm going to email kim's m about this fun little thing.
well.. i can't do too much, cuz i have to get ready to go get the kids, but someone had put the bucket over the drain.. so all i could do was move the bucket and let the FLOOD.. like literally over my toes EVERYWHERE in the CR .. go down the drain..

so... i get the kids set to eat lunch, and i head to take a shower.. on the 3rd floor since my cr is still out of commission
i go get my stuff and they aren't working on it anymore.. but it still not working.. ok i guess they took a break?? ok..
so i go get my shower.. oh and i'm out of clothes.. i have 2 full loads ready for the washer.. but the washer has been going nonstop... so.. i have to keep waiting .. and now i'm out of clothes.. so a skirt it is.. my blue skirt with flowers and a royal blue shirt...what a choice..
so.. i head downstairs to find teody to go get the kids.. teody has already gone...GREAT... i just got into a skirt.. and now i'm going nowhere.. back down to the kids to finish my shift i guess (ate imelda was going to watch the kids while i went to get the kids)
so i go to check the flood in the kids' cr that's when i realize just how much water flooded into the bedrooms... its sitting on the floor.. under the beds... CRAP.. so there i go freshly clean, curling damp hair in my skirt.. taking towels and mopping up the water.. wringing out the towels.. mopping and wringing out.. almost falling on nearly every step on the wet tile
so i'm cleaning and i realize i'm goin to have to move the beds.. the water is standing under there.. i can't leave it.. that'll mold in no time..
so there i am shoving bunk beds all over the place...
i get the girls room pretty much done and am starting on the boys'... the boys'.. is MUCH worse...crap.. more water than the girls' i need to go get a fan.. so i do..bring it down.. and like pretty much everyone has noticed..
so i've been cleaning for a long time now.. when L says something about going to check on our cr.. she had been up there earlier and said the light was off, i guess the door was closed, but it was making a sound.. i was like 'well then he must've fixed it, cuz the light was on last time i was in there'
so she goes to check.. a minute later Brittany!!! It's bad!! It's really bad.. there's water everywhere.. its flooded'
WHAT!! so i race up there and sure enough someone has turned the water on.. using the little nob.. and just left it.. our shower is now a pool.. our shampoo, conditioner, and face wash are all floating around like pool rafts in the cr.... its leaking out into our room.. WHAT??
then it hits me.. the only person that could've done this.. it had to have been the 'plumber'.. had to
so i'm like What in the world.. where is this guy?? where's ate?? that's ridiculous.. u don't just leave the water running a fountain spewing everywhere...
so i head upstairs as ate is coming down i tell her and she says i'll deal with it now...
apparently the guy isn't an actual plumber...
M - Oh my!
B - oh.. and I make the connection... the flooding in both areas came from the same problem.. someone turning the water on.. water that i had shut off.. they had to have turned it on and left it
i realize .. it WASN'T KIM.. it was the plumber for both of them!!!
M - oooooo...that was not good
B - Kim repeats... but she never repeated the water.. i kept wondering y she hadn't tried to turn it on again.. its cuz it wasn't her
so i tell ate that.. so thats y she's so furious.. he left several floods
M - i bet her bp was out the roof!
B - so then i check on the kids eating lunch.. balong has gotten the ketchup bottle and completely finished it off with just him and jr... a TON of ketchup.. ugh.. balong.. u r no longer allowed to touch the ketchup.. u ask an ate next time.. i tell him
so i'm in the middle of cleaning that up.. not 2 minutes after i have left the flood..
so.. my shift is now over.. well it was supposed to be over 20 minutes ago.. but the next caregiver was late coming in.. but she finally makes it and i head to see the damage to my room
the plumber is there.. to fix the problem.. again
M - uh-oh...
B - so i head upstairs and eat lunch.. after lunch the plumber is no longer in my room but .. there is still water in the floor of the room.. thanks for cleaning the mess u made sir.. no problem, tho.. i've been cleaning floods all day.. whats another one
so i start cleaning...
then i realize... well.. its under our bed too.. so i go to move our bed.. our bed is bigger than the toddlers...
so i finally get it all cleaned up and then L helps me put the bed back again
then we have to head to sm the mall and get some errands for ate, so we do that and the rest of the day goes by..

At this point in our conversation, my Momma had to leave to run some errands, so I email her the rest of the day.. here's the email:

.. so we ended the day by just hanging out upstairs for a long time, I had to go downstairs and get my phone and as I was getting closer to our door, I slipped and almost fell.. I looked to see what I slipped on... water?? where is that comin.. oh crap! I flung open our door to see our WHOLE ROOM covered in about an inch of water!! The toilet had started a full blast fountain again, and this time we didn't catch it.. the water was everywhere.. i rushed to shut the water off AGAIN and ran upstairs to tell Ate.. some of the guys and the monsters came down and helped us clean everything up.. it was quite an ordeal as there was SO MUCH WATER!! so.. for now.. the toilet is staying shut off.. the sink and the shower work, and we can use the toilet, just have to wash it using a pail of water.

So.. that was the story on Wednesday... and this week has had several other factors added in also. Just to finish the story, some of GH's own 'plumbers' were able to fix our CR and we've had no further issues with major flooding. Then today the concrete was poured for GH's second floor of the building expansion. This is a true miracle and gift from God. Ate has been praying for the land and the building for years!!! And today the 2nd floor concrete was poured...we watched a prayer being answered as the workers are pouring and smoothing it out! That's amazing! We are also renovating the kitchen of GH on the first floor and Ate tiled it this evening!! Oh, and this afternoon we had 25 filipino college students here that are going to start a music program with our kids at GH!! So exciting.. but also so many people = a little bit of chaos! But the kids had so much fun and really enjoyed everything.. besides ... what fun would life be without a little bit of chaos???

~ To God Be the Glory!!!